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Printed Display Dow Chemical spin-out launched

Aveso, Inc, a recent spin-out from The Dow Chemical Company, announced today its entry into the $50-billion electronic display market. Aveso (formerly COMMOTION Displays) is developing paper-thin microelectronic devices that feature the company's proprietary printed electronic display technology integrated with electronic components including microprocessors, power, radio frequency (RF) antenna and user interface. The displays are electrochromic. The integrated devices, typically less than half the thickness of a standard credit card, are produced using existing, readily available high-speed print processes and capacity. They can be rapidly scaled using cost-effective, mature manufacturing processes, making it possible for the first time to integrate electronic displays into printed high volume products like credit cards and labels. Aveso anticiaptes that their displays will enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and brand owners in these markets grow revenue, reduce fraud and theft, and improve safety and security.
The Dow Chemical Company funded development of the material science at the heart of Aveso displays. After several years of intense research to develop the promising technology, Dow elected to spin the technology out to accelerate commercialization. The displays have already been used on a valentines card sold by Marks & Spencer in the UK in 2003.
The company's intellectual property covers core material science that enables printed electronic display technology, as well as manufacturing methods that utilize high-speed printing processes. Aveso is working with technology leaders in microprocessor design,
high-speed die attach and printed battery development to optimize the integration of high-quality components within its devices. The company currently produces devices featuring numeric displays and has plans to offer alphanumeric and passive-matrix displays that allow for increased resolution and higher content delivery.
"Aveso's technology represents a breakthrough in the manufacture of electronic displays," said Aris Silzars, past president of the Society for Information Displays and CEO of Northlight Displays, a leading consulting firm on display technology. "Aveso displays demonstrate a practical and immediate technological approach to high-volume, low-cost, ultra-thin display production. This technology will bring electronic display benefits to traditional print applications and enable entirely new applications, yet to be developed."
Aveso is actively developing solutions for a variety of card and label applications, including:
  • Display-enabled credit cards that generate a one-time password to support secure Internet-based transactions. Integrating a display into a financial credit card eliminates the need for a separate hardware token, providing card issuers with a simple, cost-effective strong authentication tool for broad customer deployment.
  • Display-enabled stored value, loyalty or gift cards that provide immediate access to balance, usage or expiration information. Added display functionality represents a natural product extension for the exploding gift card market.
  • Product labels that allow brand owners and consumers to verify product authenticity directly on the package through touch or radio frequency (RF) activation. The display-based "covert-to-overt" label represents a cost-effective, novel technology to guard against product counterfeiting in markets such as software and
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