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Ynvisible Set to Release Lowest Energy Consuming Printed E-Paper

Ynvisible Set to Release Lowest Energy Consuming Printed E-Paper
Ynvisible Interactive Inc, on 15th March 2022, plans on releasing an updated version of their display, positioning it as the lowest energy-consuming printed e-paper display on the market. The upgraded ultra-low-power display now consumes 50% less energy per switch than its predecessor and can last 10 times longer when switched on and off, positioning the technology as the lowest energy-consuming display in the e-paper industry.
Other upgrades include boosted performance, particularly at lower temperatures, faster processing speeds and a higher quality print display. Ynvisible's new e-paper displays are also the thinnest displays on the market and are capable of fitting in the card holder of your wallet, providing benefits when creating products in the emerging smart label and packaging market. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Smart and Intelligent Packaging 2020-2030.
These upgrades, along with the highly customizable screen-printing production processes, are set to position Ynvisible's e-paper display as a compelling contender in the printed display space.
Carolos Pinheiro, CTO at Ynvisible, said: "We are continuously collecting market feedback to prioritize our development efforts and technology roadmap. With this new generation display release, we know that we are responding to our customers' needs whilst expanding the use of our printed display technology in a wider range of e-paper devices. This latest upgrade will significantly benefit specific industries such digital signage, smart monitoring labels, authenticity & security and retail."
Source and top image: Ynivible
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