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Posted on October 19, 2005 by  & 

Electrochromic displays progress

Yesterday we wrote details of Siemens entry into the electrochromic display market. Here we update you on progress in this technology by Aveso, who will also be speaking at Printed Electronics USA.
Aveso (spin out from DOW, formerly Commotion Displays) concentrates on fully functional displays i.e. including laminar battery and drive circuits, the most important aspects of cost, dwarfing the cost of the colour electrochemical printed display they employ. Smart card display laminates are a priority.
Electrochromatic display from Aveso
Source: Aveso
At IDTechEx we believe that the current several dollars in price could tumble to cents when the logic is printed and large orders are landed. Meanwhile there are many potential applications for today's product. Aveso are also working on three cent electronic labels with displays which can be used for temperature sensing.

Target markets for Aveso

Source: Aveso
Learn more about these and other forms of printed displays and printed electronics at Printed Electronics USA, Dec 7-8, Naples, Florida. External Link
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